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"I came to Rebecca with osteoarthritis causing a lot of knee, lower back, and hip pain.  Under her care I found great relief and increased mobility. I still needed two knee replacement surgeries but Rebecca helped me through that pain and rehab as well. Her intuition and experience is amazing!  I would highly recommend her for any of your body, mind healing needs."

           - Kim J.


"Rebecca has a way of creating a safe and positive space for healing. She has taught me to forgive myself from my past and love myself for who I am. I feel as though I have been given a new spirit to life and I am grateful for our sessions together."

           - Peter B.

"I have been seeing Rebecca for massage therapy since I moved to the area in 2005.  She is a highly skilled therapist with great intuition and in tune with the body.  I always leave her office with a sense of deep relaxation that is good for both my body and soul!"
           - Bruce K.

"I have never had a long distance reading before and I was amazed at how Rebecca could tap right into my energy field. Everything she said was spot on. She nailed for me what I knew intuitively, but needed reaffirming. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone!"

- Natasha R. 

"I always leave ClearSpace BodyWorks feeling refreshed and energetically cleansed. Rebecca is truly talented in all aspects of her gifts. She is kind and easy to be around. Her intuition is spot on and she has helped me so many times. Thanks Rebecca!"

           - Leslie O.


"I really enjoyed my Clearspace session with Rebecca. Her ability to read my energy was amazing and spot on! She was able to put into words the thoughts, feelings, and emotions I had been experiencing. She validated for me what I knew to be true and I feel like I have permission to work through my feelings now. If you want help in working through issues and creating a more peaceful environment for yourself, see Rebecca for a non-judgmental and kind experience."

- Lisa S.


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