An energetic, psychic reading and healing session focused on what you are ready to clear to bring more joy and clarity into your life. 


There is no limit to what might show up, whether it be past, present, or future energies, information from your guides, or awareness of your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. 

Nothing will come up that you are not ready to clear space from and move beyond. This session is available in person or via telephone.


60 Minutes:  $80

90 Minutes:  $110


Sometimes we need guidance beyond our own knowledge or understanding. This session focuses on your questions, whether they are about your personal or professional life, or your relationships. Also available via telephone.

30 Minutes:  $50

45 Minutes:  $65


Whether you need light or deep tissue therapy, each session is customized to fit your body's needs.


30 Minutes:  $40

45 Minutes:   $55

60 Minutes:  $65

90 Minutes:  $90

120 Minutes: $130

Over centuries, Tarot has evolved from a game into a tool used for divination and guidance.  During your Tarot reading, you can discover new insight into all different aspects of your life.

45 Minutes:  $45


Gift Certificates Available *